Photography credit to Sewstars

Fair warning, you might want to be sitting down for this one. We would like to hereby state: Chrome Silver is officially back in! Now, now, there’s no need to cry into your copper basins just yet! After all, trends are cyclical. It was only a matter of time before it was out with the rose gold and in with the Silver! Silver furnishings no longer have to feel like a misplaced throwback to the 80’s. This returning trend, when placed in the right context, can help to brighten a room without becoming overwhelming and garish. We’ve compiled a list of ways to inject silver finished furniture into your home:

The Stretta Side Table

The Stretta Side Table — Distinctify

If you’re not quite convinced, it may be in your interest to begin with something unobtrusive like this Stretta Side Table. Its sleek, round glass top allows it to fit subtly and tidily into small spaces, whilst also showing off the chrome silhouette below. The contemporary shape and injection of bright silver will draw all the right kinds of attention.

The Verona Home’s Canopy Bed

The Verona Home’s Canopy Bed — Bed, Bath and Beyond

For those of you who live by the motto ‘Go big or go home’, you now have the opportunity to do both. You can go big at home by experimenting with this chrome bed frame from Bed, Bath and Beyond. While you might think this piece is unique if only for its ability to make you feel like a Vegas showgirl, it can actually act as a very versatile piece of furniture. The neutrality of silver metal means that even if your personal taste changes, you can alter the rest of the room and the bed will still make a glamorous statement.

The Coppia Dining Table

The Coppia Dining Table — Distinctify

Silver needn’t always be all polished and pristine. If you prefer a more rustic feel, why not try stainless steel? Mix industrial style steel with a solid oak finish to achieve the best of both worlds, like this Coppia Dining Table. The table’s edgy utilitarian feel works fantastically next to more traditional pieces of furniture to really make a statement.

The Fulcro Table Lamp Silver

The Fulcro Table Lamp Silver — Distinctify

From large to small, you can inject a splash of silver into your decor no matter the size. Dynamic details like this Fulcro Table Lamp put on a show without stealing the scene. The reflective silver will make your room look more voluminous as well as making the light bounce off the lamp’s surface to brighten those dark corners!

The Acheson Bar Cart

The Acheson Bar Cart — Wayfair

You can capture the 1980s’ spirit by accessorising your living space with this silver finished drinks trolley. Perfect for entertaining guests and exuding glamour, this Wayfair cart would go perfectly with velvet furnishings, another huge trend of the moment.