Looking to Furnish your Rental Property…Now?

No need to spend the Earth. Looks Fabulous. Available Now!

Distinction Furniture is here to help you furnish your rental property, the easiest way possible. We have stunning furniture of all tastes that won’t cost you the earth all in one place so you can save valuable time.

With Spring nearing and your years visions becoming clearer, we’ve started with a chromatic moodboard for your living room. Great items to add textures and quality for the comfort of your tenants.

Study with style and beauty. Inspire your tenants with abstract canvas art, and comfort their reading with silver mood lighting.

Dark chocolates and black tones certainly brings a bold attention to the bedroom! With a popping contrast of stainless steel, these pieces are strong and mighty to last your tenants a lifetime.

Make your tenants proud to entertain! Adding more of the smaller details not only helps please your tenants but also helps increase the value of your property!

If your rental property is looked after with both upkeep and style, the tenants your property will attract are inclined to be of the same mind. Great quality furniture, with unique styles are wise investments, not only to attract the right people, but to maximise your property’s value!

Visit our contact information on our website. He’d be happy to help with your service.
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