3DCoin listed to Midas.Investments platform with InstantBuy feature.

Sep 19, 2019 · 3 min read

In the last few months, starting in particular from July 2019, the spotlight of the investment and services sector of the “masternode industry” on our project has been turned on. 3DCoin has indeed brought a breath of fresh air and we also like to say of renewed hope and healthy curiosity throughout the “masternode industry”, as it turned out to the general public more than a year after the genesis block and with a large network already active with thousands of masternodes and above all with a concrete, innovative, visionary, futuristic and not merely aimed at the masternodes themselves or rather not merely aimed at the classic concept of “passive income” linked to the masternodes.

3DCoin could not fail to attract the interest of the most well-known and important investment services linked to the “masternode sector” and in particular of an investment platform such as Midas Investments.

Midas.Investments is a complete investment platform, allowing investors to purchase directly on the Midas platform at live market rate and begin generating rewards immediately.

Here are some main services and features offered by Midas Investments, in a simple and intuitive way.

Zero fees: Investment in 3DC with zero fees on the Midas Investments platform by activating the Midas Lock-in.

Instant Share: Receive rewards from the instant share node to begin generating rewards immediately, no waiting, no fuss, no delays.

Automated platform: Automated payouts, deposits and withdrawals along with scaled reinvestments.

InstantBuy: Purchasing of 3DC directly on the Midas platform through InstantBuy to receive investment and begin generating rewards immediately.

No waiting: InstantBuy is truly instant. Purchase coins at market rate on InstantBuy without worries of exchange liquidity, waiting for orders to fill or waiting for transfers.

The InstantBuy revolution: BTC you spend on InstantBuy goes towards managed buy wall support on exchange and generating 3DCoin revenue useful also for the development of 3DCoin.

Future perspectives: The upcoming Midas exchange will be built on top of the investment platform to offer a seamless exchange and investment experience to fully support the InstantBuy and AutoSell network. AutoSell will allow for the automated and sustainable sale of rewards directly to BTC.

Stay in contact with Midas Investments:

For further information on Midas Investments you can visit and inform yourself on their website


While to follow their latest news here is the official Twitter account


Midas Investments Discord

Stay in contact with 3DCoin Project Districts:

3DCoin Project Districts Telegram

3DCoin Project Districts Discord

3DCoin e Project Districts websites




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