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Aug 1, 2018 · 4 min read

The sector of education and scientific research or higher education, has not seen much technological innovation for decades, but here comes the time of the revolution, or VR virtual reality and reality augmented AR will change the settings the possibilities and broke the borders,
By combining it with Blockchain’s robust and reliable technology, Districts Project will facilitate the integration and adaptation of these technologies to break down all boundaries and barriers.

Begin with the school which is a very important passage in the education and training of everyone, and which plays a vital role in the intellectual development…
For a hundred years the school has been following a very long evolutionary pace, it has not taken the train of technological innovation at the same rate as other sectors, The ease of teaching and to make understand and master the courses expressed by the teachers to the pupils could not be reached at 100%.

The technology of virtual reality will allow to recreate classrooms, even schools where children can meet from anywhere and study together, and live unforgettable experiences, and it comes out of the concept of old schools, it returns even in a corner of fun for kids, it’s going to be an environment that’s both informative and entertaining.

There will be more than: oh mom I will not go to school, I want to play …
Children will be more and more excited to go to their schools, and it will increase their ability to learn and make things easier for teachers.

Thanks to VR, it is possible to make education more fun and to allow children to learn while having fun knowing that living the thing to learn facilitates learning, the majority of Lessons and descriptions are illustrated in the imaginations of schoolchildren but they cannot recreate an identical image, if we talk to the children of the desert on forest monkeys it is not obvious that it is a clear picture for them, if we talk to school children of this time old wars the illustrations will not be as reliable.
So a good illustration with VR and AR is going to make them live the real sensation and see from all angles the things to study, what means a very good and effective learning.

In professional training and higher educations and research, it is impossible to recreate some scenarios in a realistic way. Although a trainee surgeon may attend surgeries to observe other surgeons operating read all available books following all courses, this is not a true practical case interpretation, or it touches it closely angles with the precision that is necessary without having any risks on the patients, it can relive the real sensations of an Operations room during the training period thanks to the technologies of the VR and AR,

Even in technical training such as aeronautics and aerospace, you cannot have a reactor for every student so that he can study it deeply and understand his concept, or experiment with it. Which makes the pace of développement Very long.

Training of engineers on expensive new equipment without the risk of losses, large companies can train their staff in any sector on secure asset-specific interventions without risking the loss of time or money

So this technology for incredible purposes on learning and educations and one of the very great benefits is the security side;
If we are talking about dangerous jobs it’s difficult to simulate them as an intervention on a nuclear reactor, for maintenance, interventions in underwater diving, in dangerous places.
Thanks to these two technologies the VR and AR the interventions will be more secure because the simulation can anticipate all the risks, well trained the agents who will intervene on situations so close to the reality they will feel they made that already many times, so experienced without risks.

BUT the greatest obstacle for this technology that will change the world and the pace of development is the cost, not to mention the necessary materials, the development itself is expensive, to recreate the scenarios and objects in three dimensions to recreates classes laboratories, nuclear reactors, the real identical image of each machine, human anatomy for doctors and operating rooms it’s expensive.

And that’s where THE DISTRICTS PROJECT comes in or can create all of this, in a single world of Districts without having to invest a lot of resources and be sure of reliability and ease of accomplishment thanks to the robust blockchain of Districts, and the DVS (Districts Visual Studio) that will allow you to recreate all this easily without spending too much money and without having to be a designer or development professional, it’s an easy-to-use and reliable interface.

We can recreate the classrooms the laboratories every needed scene, the only limit is the needs and the imaginations and thanks to Districts Project this technology will be available for everybody and it’s going to change the life of people. Change the future.


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