Project Districts, A large economical perspective
Dec 16, 2018 · 6 min read

The Districts 3D world — defining dreams, transforming ideas and creating new realities

Have you ever had a dream so big it eclipsed the confines of your current reality? Is there a life you envisage for yourself, but for standing circumstances have been unable to achieve? Or perhaps you are the typical 9–7 career guy grinding down the hours to make a living but with the conviction that there’s a lot more to achieve outside your comfort zone? Well, you are not alone. In a world where 98% of all businesses fail and only 75% of startups are expected to thrive, taking daunting risks is perceived as the not so ideal route. Yet, only risk takers ever get to break free from the shackles of financial limitation.

One percent of the world’s population control more than half of the planet’s wealth. And heading this list of multibillionaires are the world’s most established risk takers. Bill Gates dropped out of school to pursue his Microsoft dream; Warren Buffet made calculated investments in stocks others backed away from; and the Jeff Bezos operated Amazon for nearly nine years without returning a profit. One thing to note, most of these risk takers, however, ran their risky ventures with an external backing, one that either set them up above the clutches of risk or functioned as a sandbox neutralizing its effects.

For Amazon’s Jeff Bezos it was a $250,000 startup fund obtained from his parents. But how do you, the typical career guy, budding entrepreneur or serial innovator scale up your ideas into profitable ventures without the risk of falling down the rabbit hole of failure — say hello to the Districts ecosystem.

A distinctive P2P virtual and augmented reality ecosystem

You’re probably thinking — VR, AR, P2P, how is any of this equivalent to the $250,000 loaned to Bezos when he started Amazon? How does this translate to curtailing the risks associated with starting my own business? To understand that, let’s quickly assess what it takes to upscale the typical 21st-century business enterprise.

  • Startup and operating capital

For most businesses, securing startup and operating capital is usually the rate-limiting factor, one that forces them to commit to particularly risky sources of funding. In turn, this startup and operating capital floats resource intensive projects as are setting up shop, hiring staff and debuting product and service offerings.

  • Advertising and marketing

To reach consumers, businesses must first define their target markets (usually via a market analysis) before going on to design a marketing strategy that specifically targets the demographic subset identified by the market analysis. As you would expect these processes come with a financial implication, which in the context of this discussion translates into risk. Businesses can fail, in the process grounding all resources invested in the venture.

  • Securing consumers

Reaching projected consumers is fundamentally different from securing patronizing customers. In today’s intensely competitive business scene, cultivating decent brand followership is one obstacle most enterprises face. Sometimes even advertising and marketing campaigns fail to remedy the situation, leaving businesses product/service in hand without any patronizing consumers. Most times these businesses have to employ alternative practices (some of which still fall under the tag of marketing) to promote sales. And while this still falls under the business strategy of some enterprises, most would rather command brand followership at the first instance with conventional advertising and marketing.

In the Amazon example, the $250,000 grant offered Jeff Bezos by his parents covered the initial costs of undertaking the aforementioned business processes. Although he was operating with a risk, there was little or no consequence attached to that risk. Bezos was not going lose his day job (if he had any), go to jail or sabotage his life beyond repair if the Amazon business went caput. For most other entrepreneurs, who have to resort to bank and investor financed loans, the opposite is the case.

This is where Project Districts comes into the picture, through its peer to peer virtual reality ecosystem it obliterates all traditional barriers to business development, scalability and success. The consequence of this is the promulgation of a risk free environment where ideas thrive and dreams manifest into reality — you don’t have to secure a $250,000 grant, backing from angel investors, banks or any other financial institution for that matter to take your business from rudimentary idea to fully scalable and profitable business enterprise. Project Districts provides a viable platform where the only requirement is a novel and innovative business idea.

The real world without any attendant fear or limitation

The Districts ecosystem is a distinctly unique and diverse enclave of creative, economic and financial prosperity. It serves as a mixing pot for individuals from all works of life. Each individual (user) interacts in real time with others and with the Districts 3D world via an augmented reality interface. This interaction is comparable to the real-life experience, with the Districts 3D world simulating a real-life society and users (via their avatars) integrated into this 3D world as members of the virtual community.

While Districts simulates the real world, it excises conventional real-world problems, as are financial, economic and startup limitations from its operational framework. By being hosted on a robust peer to peer blockchain network, it allows you as a serial innovator or content creator to develop the product offering of your dreams with little or no cost implication. Setting up shop, advertising, marketing and securing consumers for your products are just a click of the button away with the Districts Visual Studio — an intuitive, flexible and easy to use 3D development tool that you can use to create your virtual enterprises, shop or marketplace.

Your product or service can, on the one hand, be developed in-house in the 3D world, or exported from the real world into the 3D world. Whichever the case, you are guaranteed access to the ever-expanding user base of the 3D world ecosystem and the world at large via tailored and engaging VR advertisement/content marketing.

Seamless operability and an in-house payment/transaction processing system

Aside from hosting the Districts ecosystem, the 3D coin blockchain and its native cryptocurrency offering — 3D coin, functions as a payment and transactions gateway. For you an entrepreneur or business person, this means lightning fast, highly secured and perhaps more importantly charges-less payments/transactions.

The 3D coin blockchain itself is a triple layered proof of service blockchain that is practically impervious to all forms of hacks or intrusion. The network is serviced by three distinct classes of nodes (user computers) each charged with undertaking specific tasks on the 3D coin blockchain. Together and as a composite whole, these nodes provide the robust and thoroughly redundant architecture on which the Districts 3D world is hosted. If you are thinking of building the next biggest MMORPG or floating an online marketplace comparable in scale to the likes of Amazon or eBay, the 3D coin blockchain with its long list of innovative features is fully capable of hosting and scaling your enterprise. All you need to start your project is a small token of 3Dcoins (3DC) which you can always obtain by joining the 3DC mining pool.

What’s more, if there’s ever a need for extra funding rest easy knowing that that can be acquired via the Districts crowdfunding program. The collective goal of the Districts ecosystem is to see ideas and concepts transform into profitable business enterprises, and it will go the extra mile (with you) to bring this goal to fruition.

Got an idea that’s worth trying out? What are you waiting for, come be a part of the ever-expanding District 3D world and take your dreams from rudimentary concepts to stunning reality!

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