This past week has been big, I’ve been through three countries, reunited with four friends I haven’t seen in a months and some years, and felt how big good people’s hearts truly are.

You could be from any walk of life, have any profession, be in any literal position and have greater capabilities than most to show true heart. It doesn’t have to be the “I wear my heart on my sleeve” mentality, in fact it’s more powerful to me when it is not that way. From the smallest acts to the largest deeds, people display the size of their heart.

I departed from Belgium from two of the people with the largest heart’s you could imagine, opening up for me to survive, thrive, and find my way. In acts of compassion they shared with me thoughts on many life lessons, and in the same compassion told me when I needed to change for the better.

I arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark and caught up with a friend who allowed me the opportunity to share her home. She told me to make myself at home and gave thorough explanations to how life in Copenhagen is for an American Graduate Student. The highs, the lows, the stresses, and the messes. While willfully taking time away from studies just to make sure that I felt comfortable. We quickly got past the hellos and into the big questions about what makes us happy. She invited me to everything she thought I might enjoy while in Copenhagen without hesitation.

I then reunited with my close friend that was my neighbor growing up back in New York! It had been years since we had seen each other or spoken, but there was this mutual understanding of the fact that life happens and it often distances people. We caught up on our pasts and spoke about our presents. He opened up his home to me, even after years, the trust is there. From nearly completely different trajectories we came around to some of the same life views and conclusions about how to live our lives with enjoyment of all of the little things. The authors he was reading struck a chord with his perspectives much like the ones I have read and continue to read.

Before leaving Copenhagen, I got to reunite with a man who has an almost perpetual smile on his face, a soft, deep voice and an equally innate kindness akin to each of the friends I have seen in Copenhagen. He showed me a community kitchen, which for a ridiculously low price members of the city can come and eat a fresh vegan meal. The food is all gathered from local markets that would have otherwise have been thrown away. Because we were there early and helped with preparing the massive meal, we ate for free, it was incredible to see the hygge of this community. It makes you realize how contagious it is to have this sense of positivity around you.

Lastly I reunited with someone I had not seen in four years… which was crazy when that realization sank in. Though the city of Helsinki, Finland to me was not that big (New York City is hard to compare with European Cities) but her opening up her doors for me displayed that her heart was. She showed me the truest “heart” of this city. Because it is the middle of the winter, people seem pretty reserved, but hidden from view, like a rib cage, there is an amazing life source tucked away.

I love knowing people that have aspects of them that truly are big. Especially big hearts.

Written to Snowy White -Midnight Blues

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