Check out Latvian Allen Iverson getting words of encouragement from real-life Allen Iverson

That’s “Latvian Allen Iverson” Kristaps Porzingis getting some words of encouragement from “Real-life Allen Iverson” Allen Iverson. Porzingis of course rocked cornrows for two years when he was younger because of Iverson.

Image result for kristaps porzingis cornrows

Iverson is undoubtedly the first person this millennium to tell anybody playing for the New York Knicks that they are “headed in the right direction,” but I’ll let it slide because it’s AI and he’s “the answer.” Dude was on the cover of NBA 2K for like five years back when it was on Sega Dreamcast so he can really say whatever he wants. That’s legendary status.

Porzingis though is really leading the charge of big, Eastern European people doing work in the NBA. We’ve got Jonas Valanciunas dropping 18 points and 23 rebounds on the Celtics. We’ve got Nikola Jokic doing stuff like this for the Nuggets:

Darko Milicic really gave the Eastern European big man a bad rap, but that ship has sailed.

The Iverson/Porzingis exchange was not even close to the best thing to come out of Iverson’s MSG appearance during the Knicks-Bulls game Thursday night though.

Derrick Rose was apparently fined $200,000 for going AWOL on Wednesday by the way. Quite an expensive roundtrip to Chicago.