Here’s a Warriors fan unzipping his pants after a sexy finish by Andre Iguodala

As someone who stays up late at night watching Vlade Divac highlights, even I think that this is taking things too far. No doubt this is a sexy finish by Andre Iguodala and I may even find this acceptable had this been someone super sexy like Zaza Pachulia, but you gotta be able to contain yourself.

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Look, I know how stimulating grown men running and sweating and chasing after balls can be. It’s about the most stimulation a Divac like me gets now a days. And I know that as a Warriors fan, this whole basketball thing is probably pretty new to him. Three years tops. At the arena though… think about the kids man! The arena is a place to get drunk, yell profanities, and flip off Russell Westbrook. I mean, if you just can’t control yourself then League Pass is a fine option. You can even split screen it and watch four games at one time. That’s like 4X the pleasure unless one of the games is like Nets-Sixers which would just ruin the entire experience.