Johnny Manziel agrees with Kaepernick, says National Anthem oppresses those too intoxicated to stand

Colin Kaepernick made national headlines this week with his refusal to stand for the National Anthem before the San Francisco 49ers preseason game. Social media has been ablaze with differing opinions on the quarterback’s decision to remain seated. Now former Cleveland Browns quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has come to the defense of Kaepernick on his SnapChat. In between snaps of him dancing to Fetty Wap, Manziel posted a series of heartfelt snaps supporting Kaepernick and his right to sit during the National Anthem:

“Look, a lot of you guys out there are bashing my bro Kaepernick for not standing during the National Anthem and I just want to set the record straight. Like, there were so many times I was hungover as f*** after a Saturday night rager and didn’t feel like standing for the National Anthem before the game so like I get it. Like, it’s oppressive to people too intoxicated to stand. Looking back on it, I wish that I had been, you know, as courageous as Kaepernick and been like, “Yo Coach Pettine, I’m sitting this anthem out bro.” So I just wanted to come out and throw some support behind my guy Colin and I really wouldn’t blame him if he decided to sit out the entire game too because like if you really think about it, football is also oppressive to those too intoxicated to stand because you can’t really play quarterback sitting down, you’ll just get sacked every time. Like Week One last season, Week f***** One, I barely even remember that game because I was just so hammered and that stupid s***head McClown decides to get himself decapitated with his dumbass helicopter kamikaze dive and guess who has to come in? Me. I grabbed my helmet like f*********k,
and I don’t event think it was my helmet but whatever and like I think I played pretty well. Not sure what the score was, we definitely lost but like for a Browns quarterback, I was really good. So Kap if you’re listening out there, I’m behind you and your right to sit whenever the f*** you want. Peace out.”

However, Manziel quickly changed his stance on Kaepernick after one of his boys informed him that Kaepernick was referring to the anthem oppressing “black people,” not “blacked out people.”

“OK, so anybody who watched those last snaps of me talking about my boy Kaep. Forget that s***. I thought he was talking about “blacked out people.” F*** you, Kaep. You’re a moron. Somebody hit my Fetty Wap.”