Who’s on the Mount Rushmore of Terrible Umpires

Angel Hernandez made a terrible “safe” call at first base during the Cubs-Dodgers NLCS game which was quickly overturned on the account of it being made by Angel Hernandez.

Anybody who has watched baseball with any sort of regularity over the past 20 years will hardly be surprised by this development. Simply put, Angel Hernandez is a terrible umpire.

Here’s the time he got called out by Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael during the Cubs seventh-inning stretch and then had Mongo ejected:

And Hawk Harrelson — who hates most umpires — losing his mind over Hernandez costing the White Sox the ballgame:

And then this:

Hernandez is horrible, but he may not even be the worst which brings up the good question of who else is on the Mount Rushmore of terrible umpires. Let’s take a look at the other three:

C.B Bucknor

The Mount Rushmore of Terrible Umpires was built for C.B. Bucknor. In fact, I’m almost certain C.B. stands for “Completely Blind.”

If you Google “Worst Umps in Baseball,” Bucknor’s Wikipedia page legitimately comes up. Not even Hernandez’ makes an appearance (well, not on the first page at least). In a SI survey of 550 active MLB players in 2003, Bucknor was voted the worst umpire in Major League Baseball with 20.7% of the vote. Then again in 2006 with 21% of the vote. And again in 2010. Blue Jays fans once started an online petition to have Bucknor fired due to “falsely [causing] the wrongful outcomes of numerous games with his inconsistency.”

Here’s Bob Brenly shi**ing all over him:

And here’s Bucknor calling a balk for no reason at all to give the Rangers a win over the Mariners:

And he also can’t throw a baseball:

Joe West

‘Country’ Joe West could very well take up the last two spots on Mount Rushmore. Having umpired since 1976, West has been the most reviled umpire of my lifetime as a baseball fan. West at times acts like he’d rather be doing anything else than umpiring a baseball game and other times will inject himself so much into the game that you would think the fans came there to see him. He once ejected two cameramen from Shea Stadium and Dodgers relief pitcher Jay Howell for cheating in the 1988 NLCS.

There are far too many horrendous Joe West moments to accurately depict how terrible he actually he is, but let’s give it a shot.

There’s calling a strike on Raul Mondesi in the on-deck circle:


He most recently made the headlines for this ejection of Joe Maddon:

And the Joe West — White Sox feud:

Joe West and Angel Hernandez on the same umpiring crew should be considered criminal.

Balkin’ Bob Davidson

Balkin’ Bob Davidson is a legendary fireplug of an umpire known for having the quickest hook in Major League history. Since 1982, Davidson has recorded an astounding 148 ejections and once even ejected Youppi!, the Montreal Expos mascot, in 1989 for dancing on the Dodgers dugout. His 4.4% ejection rate is nearly twice the league average. Balkin’ Bob isn’t nearly as bad as these other buffoons on the field, but none of these other guys have pulled off a trifecta of ejections like Davidson has throwing out Brewers outfielder Chris Dickerson, Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan, and a drunk fan — in a game in which Trevor Hoffman recorded his 600th career save.

Davidson throwing out an unruly fan in Philly:

Balkin’ Bob living up to his name:

Bob Davidson seems to have problems in Philly:

Not even replay can save these clowns. Welcome to the Mount Rushmore of Terrible Umpires.