Global ERP systems

ERP systems are currently one of the main analytical and planning tools used in the daily life of modern enterprises. They also help in the dayto-day management of the company. This system collects all the data regarding the current resources, finances, orders and business processes taking place in the enterprise. It’s no surprise then, that ERP systems are being used by smaller and smaller enterprises. This is incentivised by the cloud service delivery model — even the smallest company can use the ERP system, delivered as a cloud service without having to invest in its own IT infrastructure. However, usage of these systems is not that popular in larger enterprises, due to security reasons. Cloud systems are still vulnerable to cyber attacks and theft or editing of confidential data. An important tendency in the implementation of ERP systems is also the emphasis on the effectiveness of the system implementation, and therefore the achievement of the assumed business goals, even if it would involve higher costs.

According to Gartner, the global ERP system market is currently estimated at approx. USD 24.6 billion (data for 2012). The biggest players are SAP (6 billion USD), Oracle (3.12 billion USD), Sage (1.5 billion USD), Infor (1.5 billion USD) and Microsoft (1.1 billion USD) with the Microsoft Dynamics AX system. The global market of ERP systems in 2012 grew slightly, only by 2.2%, mainly due to the sale of ERP systems in the cloud in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). According to Gartner, the revenues from ERP systems of companies on the global market, which were available in the SaaS model increased from 10% in 2012, to 12% in 2013. In 2014, they were already 14%, and in 2016 already 17%. This reflects not only the trend associated with the growing popularity of Cloud Computing, but also the trend associated with the fact that ERP systems can be used by smaller and smaller companies, who become able to afford their implementation in everyday work — thanks to SaaS services.

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