Divergent Thought — Impact of Fatherhood — Show #3

Fatherhood is serious business. Fathers play a pivotal role within a family and their engagement should not be taken lightly. Often times, dads are criticized for not playing at the expected level. On this episode of Divergent Thought, we spoke with Derwin Overton, Executive Director of OAR Fairfax and leader of various fatherhood initiatives about the importance and impact of fatherhood.

During the Impact of Fatherhood show, we discussed the expectations of fathers, the roles of fathers within and external to the household, and societal perceptions of fathers. We tried to better understand how fathers should teach, train, discipline, and interact with their children. The impact of a father’s presence and/or absence and what should be done to protect, provide, and encourage our children were also discussed.

Society and the media often offer images of fathers that are stereotypical, not representative of the masses, and sometimes blatantly false. As men, we are responsible for the modification of those perceptions. We have to change the narrative and offer visual representations that highlight the positive and desired attributes.

As fathers, we have to set the standard of what is expected. We have to raise the bar and progress towards excellence. We have to commit to our families and create a bond that is not easily broken.

Here are five lessons learned from the show:

1. Set a standard of excellence that your children can model

2. Be willing to show love to your kids

3. Invest in your children — It is your responsibility to help them progress

4. Keep learning, keep listening, and keep trying

5. Be present

Being a father and/or father figure is a blessing. Any opportunity that we get to lead by example, show love, teach, encourage, or bless someone is an opportunity that we should joyfully embrace. Being a dad isn’t always easy, but it is worth it.

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