Why Christians Must Love Refugees
Justin Karl

All the refugees the Israelites and early Christians were commanded to help were FORBIDDEN from worshiping their false gods among Israel on pain of death. Paul charged the faithful to have absolutely no fellowship with infidels. Will you call for enforcement of that provision of scripture, too? Allowing all the Muslim refugees to spread their evil religion and false god throughout Christendom is not honoring the word of God. By demanding we take on all these refugees, you show that you love the refugees but you hate the Christians who will come to harm from them. Your priorities are tragically misplaced. If we wanted to help them, every Christian church in America would demand that all the armies of Christian nations invade these countries where Islam slaughters and pillages, exterminate the extremists, and liberate the refugees in their homelands so they don’t have to flee. But you will never write that letter to Congress, will you? So in effect your compassion is toward the radical Jihadists, when you should be crying for their heads. All this bull about reconciliation and healing sounds stupider than Ned Flanders of the Simpsons. Real compassion would be to extirpate the evil that created the Refugees in the first place, instead of bringing their sinful culture into our world for our children to deal with. Why do you think God gave Christendom such great military might? Use it or lose it.

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