A new brand identity for Divimove

Divimove has just indulged in a major makeover, comprising a snappy logo, contemporary corporate design and a fresh new website. The international team, formerly a multichannel network, devised the new look to reflect its repositioning as a media company.

Not only has Divimove’s website just been fully overhauled and given a distinctive visual language; it has also been optimised for mobile users. Its core content comprises projects by Divimove Media involving social influencers offline and selected case studies showcasing the creativity of the company’s in-house online video creative agency, Brandboost by Divimove.

“In just a few years, Divimove has made fantastic headway. Having started out as a provider of creative and technical support for online video creators, today — just under five years later — we find ourselves developing professional artists’ careers and helping social media stars make the transition to major venues and into the music charts. In marketing, we’ve successfully established ourselves in Europe through our own innovative online video creative agency, which now serves a wide range of international brand partners, helping them develop every aspect of their online video communications. Now was the right time for a relaunch, to reflect our present-day corporate DNA as a media company”, explained Philipp Bernecker, Divimove’s Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer.

The media company’s brand relaunch was implemented entirely in-house.