Goin’ Nuts With Your Pastry Creations

If you have ever thought about a healthier alternative to white flour in your pastry creations, it is time you consider using nuts. Almond meal flours are not only a nutritious variant on regular all-purpose flours, but incorporate an excellent flavor of nuts in your pastry bases.

Tarts and tartlets, pie base and top, whatever it is you want to make, you can use almond meal. Add in a variety of chopped nuts, and you have a delicious textured base.

Nut flours are exceptionally useful for bakers and caterers who want to add gluten-free options in their menu.

Same as standard pastry, almond meal pastry can be stored in cool temperatures for a few days. The base is perfect for chocolate and fruit tarts. A variety of desserts can use a “nutty” intervention; the only limit is your imagination!

There are two ways you can go about incorporating nut flours. One is blanching and grinding the nuts yourself. The other, a simpler option if you intend to make batches of dessert, is to browse through an almond meal store and buy it wholesale. Store-bought nut meals speed up the pie-process considerably.

Almond Achievements

Need to know how to create an almond meal pie crust? It’s quite straightforward:

  • Step one is to prepare your pie dish, greased well, and prepare the oven at the required temperature.
  • In step two, you can use a food processor to prepare your dough. Unlike the finer white flour, almond meal is more malleable in machine-processing. Combine the meal with sugar, salt, and baking soda per the amount of pie dough you are making. Once all the dry ingredients are well mixed, add vanilla, egg and unsalted butter or margarine. Pulse the processor till you get a ball of dough.
  • We are on step 3, and now you have to shape your dough inside the greased pie dish. Work the dough in the crevices, and along the textures walls of the dish. It is easier to start off with a disc-shaped dough that spreads out well.
  • Step 4, and you prick the dough evenly with a fork, on both bottom and sides. Bake for approximately 8–12 minutes, until the crust turns a golden-brown color.

On The Fillings

Be creative! You can add in fruits, custard, creams, whatever you want in your rustic, wholesome almond meal pie base.

Make sure to buy high-quality almond flour; Divine Specialties offers a selection of nut flours amongst other wholesale baking supplies.

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What are you waiting for? Take your desserts to the next level with some “nutty” baking!