I’m Black, not African-American.
ReNina Sunshine Minter

Nice try! Now tell me where the Black is from. Where’s this continent called Black? Unless you are from the Black Sea, there’s no geographical location called Black. There’s no Black religion. There’s no Black language. At least none that is universal or national. And, speaking of national, what nation is Black? And, for that matter, there’s no continent called White. Those terms are an abyss that was created to make people like you a nonentity. Say and think what you want. That’s exactly what white supremacists wanted. If you are Black, OR White, you are part of an abyss created to establish you as a NONENTITY. Meanwhile, If you’re waiting on an apology …Good luck with that …Keep waiting. No one’s ever been acknowledged as anything except 2nd class, unless claiming and affiliating with a sovereign entity.