What a nice day

Keep doing good things and make this place a better one

I’ve been here in New York for a couple of times already, but every day feels like a fresh start. This city is just so vibrant, although I’m sure, many of us may feel dead, sometimes, especially when it’s all so overwhelming.

I know, that I can protect myself. And I know, that I probably wouldn’t need to. Good people ask me for directions, sometimes for some money, or they just whish me a good day (then I smile and greet them back) and everything is just fine.

Of course, sometimes bad things happen, too. I’m not responible for these things, and I’m glad, I didn’t cause any trouble for anyone. Then again, I feel responsible to not let the city down. Everyone is part of what shapes our culture and our society. No one has got to solve other people’s problems, but each of us can help to encourage good things. Be polite. Enjoy life.