Like this except much darker and more advanced (not as industrial); much farther under the sea

Dreamy Poems # 1

A space kingdom underwater, two forces of evil and purity

Every battle a struggle of existence, swords spoke like tongues here

Each weapon had a unique glow, each character fought with dignity and speed

Every second that goes by, I am reminded of its true images

Of beauty and flawlessness, deep down there in the watery abyss

I was like a fishbowl, moved by the hearts who took woeful action

Every minute an hour, my heart beat rose slightly like a tower

We were occupied by the water races, that washed our bodies between rock and ice

Caves you may call them, determined how well you could speed up and slow down

But at the end, everything was complicated with regulatory badges and honors

The misty nonsense of the hour, reached its climax when the races were over and I was tired

A long, lost friend was there, she was on the third part of my destiny in a street in Paris

THe last thing I recall before drowning in reality, was the sound of a phone call

Telling me that I’d be picken up before long, as I stood there is a desolate corner of a shop

The shop was filled with Christmas light, that rough and golden yellow aura permating

Through my eyes and mind, yet there were no toys only giftshop essentials

But before all that, I had been dropped off without Jennifer Bass from the mobile machine.

Luffy from the anime One Piece underwater
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