Secrets to Success: Breathe

Content means to accept as adequate despite wanting more or better.

You right now — a baby turtle.

The one thing you can do right now to face your dreams faster is to be content. Yes, content with how you’re going in a slow or unique path that may not make any sense. If you decide to learn to be content with all that then you can finally get to where you want to be.

Think about what the fox said. He thought he was so much faster than the turtle. In retrospect, he ran most of the way but failed to deliver. The turtle knew she would meet defeat but persisted even when the odds were stacked against her. Her thought process went like this:

You’re thoughts are frozen — get unstuck!

Okay, I need to accept the reality the race places on me. Next, I want to win so how can I do that? I know, I’ll start by following the path that seems unlikely to be related to victory. Okay, now that I am moving at a steady pace I can start thinking of a plan. This plan will consist of every possible outcome based on known knowledge. For example, the road is 1 mile long and there are wind speeds of roughly 50 miles per hour. Thankfully, there are no limits to the race considering time. You can do it! One leg over the other as I move much quicker now. I focus on embracing the disrupting winds, but they have no chance of changing my mind about wanting to win. They are there to give me character, provide the breathe of life, and to swallow me in my sorrows so that I may grow stronger. I see the fox now and he is asleep! What should I do? I don’t want to be rude by passing him do I? Hmm…No, I want to win. I made a plan and I followed through on it. There is no going back now. I must surrender the rest of my feelings until the end. But what happens after the end? Am I really capable of winning someone the fox could have won so easily? Am I really qualified to get the promotion that the fox seems to deserve? Yes…I can do it. I will not back down in the face of Distraction. Silently, quickly I go toward the final flag that is within proximity. My heart beats like a marshmallow fried in fire. My mind stirs at the thought of the fox possibly coming back to claim what’s rightfully his. My soul absorbs my pathetic thoughts and tells me I have the courage of a whale not a turtle. There is only one more step and I can feel the fox’s heavy breathing closing in. In a moment of desperate anxiety, I shove my arms into my sockets and roll into success. I thought of that final spin of the mind when I woke up. I was surrounded by family and friends. I didn’t expect everyone I knew to be so warm and, most of all, with me. I sat up and licked everyone’s faces and they licked mine. What do I do now?

Who’s the boss now? — You are!
What do I do now?

You run another race in another place with sheer grace and not near as much a feeling of displace.

Thank you for reading. It helps you & me! Let’s grow forever. :)