Things My Roommate Could Work On

  1. Instead of sleeping in, you could set an alarm for every day at 6:30 for example. Bed Ridden-ness makes you very angry and not yourself. You also fart, yawn and groan to dismiss my presence. Also, stop going back to sleep when you finally stop the alarm (and stop expecting me to wake you up). Wake up and get ready. Simple as that.
  2. Please, in order for anyone to use the bathroom, the floor must not be soaking wet. Simply hand-rinse yourself of water in the shower before drying yourself. Also, dry yourself within the shower or I have to walk through it. That’s another point, please take a shower before you go out. Or else you will come back grumpy and have done a poor job wherever that was. It effects me…
  3. Stop with the one-word answers, expressions or meanings that I will never understand without any context. To provide meaningful conversation, we must BOTH be able to ‘forgive & forget’ past qualms focusing on the future. For example, provide reasoning to your sentences unlike: Roommate: Seth… Seth: What? Roommate: You’re gonna get toilet paper before I get back, okay? Seth: Uhhh? (thinking: isn’t this your place — you buy it??) Roommate: No Seth, you WILL get it (expression: meanie). Obviously, you are rattling me here. Rattle: cause (someone) to feel nervous, worried, or irritated. It hurts my sense of self and belittles my presence as nothing more than a tool. It’s not acceptable when you’re 4 years more mature than me. If you can’t be nice in person, then try to via text.
  4. You are a hypocrite when it comes to following your religion as well as following your goals. You think that it will work out if you study at 2 am in the morning, but this has clearly not worked out for you. It disturbs me and limits my amount of sleep which correlates with productivity and confidence for the rest of the day. Your values seem to have a ‘fake it, till you make it’ vibe, but this does work forever. I can’t stress enough that if you want my respect as an individual who will listen to all of your concerns then you must fulfill your destiny. It’s not a joke. I really don’t care if you practice your religion while I’m here. I want to see the Roommate who believes in something, not just himself. Even I understand that being in the present is a motive of buddhism. But I have not once seen you practice….Accepting that you could wake up at a certain time to study a certain subject and then certainly go to school makes you the man you claim to be. It’s not just not staying true to your word. It’s also about how you stay true to your own desires.
  5. Sex. I know you spent the other night doing something other than your job or you would have told me you were working the nightshift or something like that. But all you said was: Seth, I’m not coming home tonight. Just wanted to let you know. Me: OKAY? That doesn’t tell me what you’re doing though. If you want to maintain and have our communication relationship prosper then please tell me what you’re doing. I won’t judge. But, ruining your sleep cycle for something like that is crazy. Do it in the early morning if you have absolutely nothing to do obviously during that time. Please. Because you then blamed me for the interruptions I made while you slept (from 6am — 10am) until you had to get up and go to your job. Then, this morning, I woke up 2 hours earlier than my alarm because you decided to stay up trying to do your work. That’s not fair.
  6. Don’t expect me to make a burger for you. You have a JOB. You can get a quick meal at any place you choose. I, don’t on the other hand, so please stop asking for a burger. If you really need one, then learn and make it yourself.
  7. If I did something wrong and it was something special of yours. Just let me know instead of using that implication as guilty weapon to make me think I owe you. Especially if the object looks like crap, then don’t blame for you not writing or telling me its purpose. We can’t have a positive environment unless you EXPLAIN why some things are more important than others. If you do the same thing (guilt me out my conscious even though it was your fault for not telling me), I will not do what you want me to do next time. That’s that.
  8. Once again, if you want to fulfill your destiny like you say you want to (especially to others beside me), then follow through. This is your life and drinking and smoking have nothing to do with success. Please, prioritize those ‘happenings’ somewhere else or during the weekend but not before you go to work. It pains me when you blame the results your selfish actions on me, especially for your quality of sleep.
  9. Stop treating me like I am unimportant, yet use me for certain tasks you would have to do yourself. It doesn’t make a bit of sense. You’re too savage with your calling. You think only for yourself and conclude that I am simply the gate you needed to open your future. But then you say otherwise and always discredit me when you want me to do something. It creates a huge disparity between your life force and mine. Your actions, as of late, truly deteriorate my bond with you. I am only trying to do my best without being judged. So now, I am judging you and without censorship. It is fair. It is equal. But you must learn from these mistakes and act with kindness now. Please.
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