Why I Will Vote For Mr. Donald J. Trump

Listen carefully. Speak out. Act accordingly.

I have tried to listen to others’ views about the upcoming election for a month now, but it’s too hard for me.

What caucasion people did 200 years ago is not relevant concerning the labeling of today’s injustices. I need a leader who I can trust, believe and hope for.

I support Mr. Donald J. Trump. I wish he wins so I can look to a future unihabited by illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants provide many jobs to the U.S. However, some of them are seriously dangerous people. Yes, caucasion people are immigrants but they are not illegal. Today is different from the past. I want Mr. Trump to help end the chaos that currently sways against our scars.

I support trans, bisexual, and gays / lesbians. I do not support BLM (Black Lives Matter), Neo‐Feminists, male feminists, or SJWs (Social Justice Warrior).

I think it is time for a new America. An America, in which, we can all look back on one day and think to ourselves: Wow, I made a choice that brought peace and growth. I live in a developed nation that promotes the Number One in almost every subject, people, and activities. I live in a country that is procuring ways to cure cancers and diseases. I live in a country where all who support this country learn from and become better than they thought possible. I live in a country where I know for certain my sons and daughters will be safe. I live in a country. I live.

Thank you for reading. It helps you & me! Let’s grow forever. :)