You Caused That

Why Perfection Is Possible.

Does logic have anything to do with destined situations? We all strive to be better in our own ways of complexity, yet find ourselves to never meet ‘perfection.’ And it’s only more self-defeating when you have to watch as people give up by abolishing this mainstream concept. But perfection is possible. We need to give up certain limitations that hold us back from true, potential focus. If we can understand our errors and misgivings, then we can make decisive choices to live exponentially more aligned with our mentalities than give up on it altogether. Move quickly so that your enemies are left in the dust. Move slowly to pace your standards one level at a time. Give up on living perfectly and embrace your misfortunes with a pure mind.

Only you can grow, progress & live instinctively.

These days, mindsets are hard to come by and classify as mental approaches to rapidly changing contexts. When have you ever tried to do something with a different set of thoughts? Movies, shows and books help change those perceptions very easily. But to understand that you must think for yourself in ways you simply have not thought of is incredibly frustrating. So, what can you do now that is different or works for given scenarios? Start off with some meditation. This is the quickest way toward mental calmness and enlightenment. All this time you give so much energy into wondering what you aren’t do right and that is bad energy. Good energy is when you own the experience needed to clear the problem and execute. With time and attention, you have the power to change how you think and therefore how you act with yourself as well as others. There is a common misconception about placing authority on self-perfection. We think that this is impossible. But with experience, you will each find that progress to understanding is perfection itself. Merely displaying the fact that it’s ‘have to’ and not ‘an art’ is personally mystifying.

Why do I seek council from nothingness?

There is always opportunity since we are never complete. But doesn’t the process make up the accomplishment? We do things every day without paying attention to the strokes we spent on finding comfortable patterns. The fact that we have been able to find, measure and utilize activities means we are the result of those actions and responsibilities completed. We as humans are the sum of perfected techniques meant to overcome high-level difficulties. Perfection is a perception only seen by the guided and strong. Where we are right now has nothing to do with being a loser or winner. It has everything to do with how we managed to get to such a place in our lives that we can no longer call wrong or right simply us. Most of the time, we determine what’s important in the future possibly or correctly and not now.

I think the only way to live correctly is to examine the processes that need deciphering and the destinations that want to exist but that we should avoid struggling to discover.

There is nothing wrong with perfection. This concept was created for you discover yourself with, but not to judge. Calmness and openness to opportunity are what our ancestors used to calibrate their mistakes. To give in to imperfection implies that you are not worthy of the gifts presented.

Thanks for reading! Please tell me how to improve my content. If you want; it would be highly appreciated. Until next time…