#365DaysOfWriting Day 30: All Set for Goa!

I enjoy travelling and visiting new places. Mind you, am one of those people who like travelling with comfort and luxury, so if you plan some camp or tour in some remote corner of the world where I’ll have to live in a tent or camp instead of a nice, air-conditioned room, chances are that I am going to back out of that travel-plan! I know those hard-core travellers reading this will be tsk-tsking in disapproval as I am limiting my chances to enjoy some amazing experiences, but thank you very much, I am alright passing up those awesome offers!

I am glad we are staying in a nice hotel in Goa instead of some “nice” shack or hut that many of my friends recommended.

One thing I hate about travelling is packing. I hate deciding which clothes to pack, then the trouble of folding and ironing — I just hate it! Unpacking is another ordeal altogether, and then, towards the end of the vacation, repacking the worn clothes is again another hassle.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Goa. I am super-excited about this trip as this is the first time I am going to Goa (despite living in Mumbai for more than six years). The fact that I couldn’t contain my excitement is reflected in my stuffed bag. This is the first time I am packing so many things! Swimsuits, camera, sunscreen, clothes — more than I will need — but I really don’t care. This is the first time I finished packing in fifteen minutes! For me, that is some kind of a record — usually, it takes me more than two hours to pack and I take sufficient breaks in between.

That’s all for today! Tap the heart at the end of the post and wish me a fun trip ahead!

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