#365DaysOfWriting Day 54: Responsible Media

Today, I found a lot of people sharing this article on my timeline: http://beingindian.com/my-opinion/this-ramzan-we-learnt-a-lot-more-than-this/

I have a major problem with “Being Indian” for posting this article. I simply don’t understand how an article as RIDICULOUS as this can be posted! I am even more baffled to see so many people sharing this on my timeline…

Once upon a time, every Muslim was stereotyped as a terrorist. Now, because Muslims are being killed, again we are blaming Muslims for being quiet. Why is terrorism being boiled down to one religion when clearly it isn’t?

The writer says, “When you say the ideologies of terrorism do not match those of the Holy Quran, I believe you. I’ve read one. When you say a few terrorists are maligning the purity of your religion, I believe you, My best friend is a Muslim. But when you say can do nothing to fix this. I have a problem. Because my dear Muslim friend, your religion today, is in the hands of an extremely supreme yet disgraceful power.”

Why is it the responsibility of only Muslims to wage a war against these terrorist groups? Isn’t it the responsibility of every religious group to speak against this act for the sake of entire humanity?

Such articles only breed ill-feeling and I am sure if the writer’s “best friend who is a Muslim” read it, they would be disappointed in their friend. Stop putting the responsibility of combating terrorism on the shoulders of one particular group. We all have to be united to fight against it. If you are truly “Being Indian”, don’t publish articles that have the potential to create communal disharmony. We have enough people doing that already!

Thanks to social networking sites, the media is even more powerful than it was at one point of time. It is therefore the responsibility of every media-channel to be more vigilant and not post articles that aggravate the communal divide, especially when there are so many people around making genuine, sincere attempts to bridge the gaps.

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