#365DaysOfWriting Day 6: My Day-Off

I am characteristically a very lazy person. Even if I go to bed at ten in the night, I whine when getting up the next morning at eleven! Yes, if left alone, I can easily sleep for fourteen hours straight! Of course, when there is work, I also have the tendency to act like a workaholic and can stare at my laptop screen, engrossed in work, and catch up only on a few winks of sleep.

In January, I quit my job as a school teacher to devote more time to enhance my counselling skills. I was also toying with the idea of my own start-up and these last three months have been busy with me juggling between setting up my private practice and working part-time with other organizations. I think today was the first time I actually took a day off to just be with myself.

While I never work on weekends, I feel weekends pass in meeting up old friends and doing “fun” stuff. It is also on weekends that I tend to do some of the chores I have been putting off during weekdays. Rejuvenation has actually not been my priority for a very long time.

After ages, a plan had been made to catch up with some old colleagues of mine. However, in the last minute, the plan was cancelled. Instead of heading to work, I just decided to take the entire day off. It was a spur of the minute decision and I am so glad I did it! From enjoying a late brunch, to spending time at a spa and then catching a movie, it felt good to return home at a reasonable hour and still feel relaxed. On most evenings when I catch up with friends after work, by the end of it, I am almost dozing off, and I just crash on my bed when I return home. I actually felt good returning home and still having time to catch up on my reading.

Have you ever taken leave from work just because you wanted to chill at home? Why do we always wait for something to come up before we use leaves? After a long time, today, I realized I needed a well-deserved break — I needed to switch off my mind from work even mentally. The entire day, I answered no calls and no work-related emails. I felt good doing that. I think I should do this more often. It definitely will stop burnout from happening!

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