#365DaysOfWriting Day 75: Harry Potter Forever!

I cannot wait for 30th July, 2016! #KolkataBloggers is organizing a pre-launch event to celebrate the book-release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by organizing many exciting contests like an online blogging competition, a Cosplay, the winners of which will be competing in the Triwizard Tournament! I’ve never been part of such a large-scale event related to Harry Potter before and I am so glad I’m in Kolkata when this is happening!

I read the first three books of the Harry Potter series in 1999, when a friend from U.S. recommended them to be. Back then, no one had really heard of Harry Potter in India, and I was the second person in my school to be reading the books! I don’t think anyone had anticipated the craze Harry Potter was to become.

I don’t think I can put in words what Harry Potter did to me — on the surface, it was just another book set in the fantasy-world of Hogwarts with the good guy and his friends (Harry, Ron and Hermione) together defeating the villain in the series — He Who Must Not Be Named or Voldemort (for those who aren’t scared to say his name). J.K.Rowling was smart in the way she constructed her characters — Harry was by no means an extraordinary boy: in her books, she does not describe him as handsome. When he is with the Dursleys, he is forced to do things he does not want; at Hogwarts, he is like any average student who struggles with homework and has trouble reaching class on time. Haven’t we all been in these situations? His friend, Ron, is the perfect sidekick. Hermione is the “brains” of the group. She is a nerd who devotes most of her time studying, and had it not been for the chance encounter with a troll in the dungeon, she probably would not even be friends with Ron and Harry.

We can associate the characters we are reading with people we know around us in the real world. Even the situations they find themselves in are easy to understand. Our schools may not sort people based on qualities, but don’t you think we’d find a lot of Ravenclaws at the “nerd” table in the cafeteria? Who has not had a teacher who seemed to dislike them for no apparent reason?

Harry Potter taught me so many things. Friendship and acceptance were the most important lessons I learnt. It helped me deal with grief. There were times when things seemed very depressing. Harry Potter reminded me to take help from my friends — they were the Patronus charm I needed against the Dementors of my life.

With the Cosplay, I am discovering more things about myself — all my life I’ve felt I cannot be an artist. I can’t draw two straight lines to save myself! Yet, for the Cosplay, I am entering as Luna and doing the best I can do design a costume and props that will go with her. Today, I tried my hand at making a wand look just like her, and tried building the spectrosphere. Tomorrow, I am going to work on designing the Quibbler. I can finally see my creative side flourishing! Thank You Harry Potter for making me explore this side to my personality.

I can hardly wait to arrive at #OxfordBookstore with my costume on! I just hope I am #TheChosenOne — I’d love to participate in the Triwizard Tournament and other contests!

Wish me luck!

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