#365DaysOfWriting Day 83: The Little Prince

I read The Little Prince two years ago. It was a wonderful story reminding the readers about the wonders of childlike wonder and how growing up does not mean you have to lose your hopeful optimism and enthusiasm. To read my thoughts on the book in detail, you may visit this link.

I found out today that this story is being released as a movie on Netflix tomorrow. I hope I manage to watch it! While I don’t believe that movies can always re-create the magic of books, the trailer looks promising, and I’m looking forward to catching it on Netflix! I have full faith in Osborne (his previous directorial endeavour includes ‘Kung Fu Panda’) to be able to re-create the magic.

Will you be watching this film? Have you read the book? Please read it if you haven’t! This book has the potential to change your entire outlook towards life.

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