#365DaysOfWriting Day 94: Independence Day

Today was Independence Day. I was never a super-patriotic person, but over the years, my patriotism seems to have dropped down several notches. When I worked as a school teacher, I loathed 15th of August because it implied I had to get up early morning to make it to school at 7:00 a.m. for flag-hoisting. To me it was always a waste of a splendid holiday. 
This year, I treated Independence Day just like any other holiday — since it fell on a Monday, I guess no Indian had to experience the Monday morning blues! It at least helped us chase those blues away!

Last year, I had made my students of Grade 5 describe in a few lines what freedom meant to them. You can read some of their responses here.

Some of their thoughts are beautiful. I wish I could learn from them to be less cynical.

To all Indians who truly believe they are free, I wish them a Happy Independence Day!