Day 101 : Personal Emails #365DaysOfWriting

I’ve already written before that it is a pity that handwritten letters have gone out of fashion. No one believes in snail mail anymore.

However, emails have also become a rare phenomenon. Yes, we send work-mails, and some people still send lousy forwards, but how many of us actually write personal mails on a frequent basis? We already seem to be knowing about our friends in all corners of the world through their Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat updates.

Today, after ages, I received an email from an old friend of mine and it just cheered me up. It wasn’t a very long email, but I felt good receiving something personal after such a long time!

Sometimes, you can’t believe everything you see on Facebook or Instagram. There are times when I wish the days of Messenger or GTalk were still alive — Whatsapp completely ruined the chat-exchanges that happened online.

Technological advancements, each day, are actually ending up creating distances between our loved ones — since we can see their life on social media, now who will bother personally calling or mailing them, and asking for details. Isn’t that what it has come down to?

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