Day 108: Giving Up #365DaysOfWriting

From the time we are children, we are taught to fight, conquer and emerge as winners. Finishing the race is considered more important than quitting. We all go through moments of despair when we just want to give up, when we feel that losing may not be such a bad thing, but the world shakes us out of these momentary lapses and keeps telling us to charge ahead.

But what if giving up is not such a bad thing? What if you’ve got your heart set on an unachievable goal? You can keep pushing and pushing in that direction, but you know it’s a hopeless cause. What do you do at a time like that? You may be an unstoppable object, ready to keep chasing till the point of infinity not ready to give up until you meet your goal, but what if the thing you are after is an immovable force?You know giving up is the right thing to do, but society has conditioned you to such an extent that you’d rather die trying than give up half-way.

But the sooner we realize in life that everything is not meant to work out, the better it is for us. Perhaps, we should give up on those things that are not working and actually pursue things that will work for us. We can't find out what those things are if we are walking on the wrong path.

It is difficult to listen to your head when your heart is heavy. Giving up is not always a sign of weakness. Sometimes, it just means that you have the strength to acknowledge what can't be, and truly look for alternative that can make you happy.

Giving up is a part of the growing up process. It is alright to sometimes escape into the world of the past, when we were children and the whole world seemed to be at our feet, but it is a wiser move to give up some aspects of life which were never meant to be.

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