Day 110: Heart-Break #365DaysOfWriting

Every time you give away a piece of your heart, you take a risk. What if the person you give a piece of your heart to does not give you back a piece of theirs? How do you live with that hole?

Sometimes, there are people who give you a piece of their heart and you don’t give them anything in return. Their piece gets taped to your heart and makes up for the holes that exist, I guess.

I think, at an emotional level, the heart would never look like a beautiful, flawless piece as it appears in pictures. A heart that loves is going to have holes, it may have pieces that may not exactly fit perfectly, and it may have several jagged, rough edges. Every person’s heart is definitely a mess of scars and tears.

While many believe that I keep my heart well-guarded, nicely locked up in a safe compartment, there are very few who know that I wear my heart on my sleeve. My heart, which believes in very few, unfortunately made a mistake and put its faith in the wrong person.

It’s easy to deal with shattered pieces of a broken heart — you always have the hope that someone will take the trouble of picking up those pieces and try gluing it back together. But what are you supposed to do when all those pieces just fall down, crumble into dust and just blow away

That is the time to pick yourself up, make yourself realize that you don’t need anyone. Just walk alone, be a lone wolf, and no one will ever let you down again.

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