Day 111: The People We Don’t Get Over #365DaysOfWriting

Not everyone you meet in life is meant to stay, but there is some baggage you can never get rid of. No matter how many times you promise yourself a fresh start, some chalk-marks are impossible to remove from the slate of your life. You can still see their traces despite wiping and dusting the board repeated number of times.

Yes, there are minutes, hours and possibly even days when you can go without thinking of them, but the moment you see a random update or hear their name mentioned in passing, your stomach flips to do a somersault and you feel like you are going to puke. All the feelings that you had under control suddenly rise to the surface and you can observe yourself getting betrayed by your own emotions.

It really hurts to have that one person in your life who can derail you from your life’s tracks at a second’s notice. In a way, you feel good that you were able to love someone to such an extent. In some ways, it also feels horrible because you now realize it was a stupid thing to do.

Till the end of time, you keep hoping that someday they read a post you wrote and know that it’s about them. You hope that someday they know that you never forgot them. Because there are some people whom you can never forget. No matter how hard you try.

Unfortunately, until that day comes, all you can possibly do is cling to that tiny string of hope — some days, especially when you’ve had multiple moments of despair, it doesn’t seem to be much, does it?

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