Day 123: Happy Birthday Papa! #365DaysOfWriting

I was present in Kolkata for my dad’s birthday for the first time this year, since 2007. Everyone who knows me and all those who read my posts on Medium are aware of the importance I give birthdays.

This year, my dad turned 55 years old. Every year, I crib about turning older — the thought of turning 27 this year is terrifying me — but my dad is the real embodiment of the phrase “age is just a number”. He is one of the few people who strives to keep pace with changing times, and does the best he can to stay up to date with modern technologies. He was the first person to embrace the cell-phone — back in those days, we were the first people in our home-town to own a mobile phone. Every time, there is a revolution in the ‘tech-world’, my dad is ready to splurge in his attempt to understand how the youth is thinking. He is one of the few “old people” I know of his generation who actually tries all the “in” things — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (in that order) — when they are still “in”! Some of the things — in my opinion — are not worth it (I don’t see the point of upgrading from an iPhone 6S to the new iPhone-7), but I do admire his zeal and enthusiasm! More than us, he is excited at the idea of clicking selfies!

My father is the most care-free person on this planet! He does not maintain any airs and graces, and believes in being himself — even if that part of him is annoying to others. I think, in many ways, my desire to “keep it real” comes from him. We are different in a lot of ways — rarely do we see eye to eye on any issue. But, he respects me enough to not let the differences affect our relationship.

He is the most loving person on this planet, and no matter how many times people deceive him, he continues to believe in the best of people — as I find myself turning more and more cynical with age, I think it’s a good idea at times to just look at him and keep trusting the process — in the end, it does indeed all come together.

Here’s wishing my dad a very Happy 55th Birthday!

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