Day 133:The Warm, Fuzzy Feeling #365DaysOfWriting

There are some days when nothing exceptional has happened, days when you find you can’t really congratulate yourself on any significant achievement, days which are extremely mundane; despite all this, you still get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

I hadn’t felt this way in a long, long time. But these days, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside even for no apparent reason. These days, I don’t look at myself in the mirror and get overly-critical about my appearance. I smile and laugh a lot more, I look at the rain and enjoy splashing into puddles when I am on my way home from classes. I’ve started reconnecting with old friends, and people I haven’t spoken to since high school, and I think I’ve finally found happiness. It’s funny because when I think about it, happiness was always around the corner, and I even had explicit directions of how to reach it, but somehow my ego and fear kept me from embarking on that journey.

Thankfully, happiness got tired of waiting for my arrival, and ended its hunt by finding me on its own, and I could not be any happier! Life is a book of lessons, and this warmth inside my soul reminds me that no matter how cold the world seems to be, if you hold on to faith and spread love, things will turn out to be alright in the end.

Don’t allow yourself to be consumed by the coldness of the world. Don’t let the seemingly-cold world swallow you whole and turn your insides cold. Keep the fire burning, keep chasing your passions and keep tending to them. Let your happiness break through the ice that’s built up around you. Don’t let the cold seep into your soul. It’s easy to see the bad, it’s easy to let yourself be affected by negativity, but don’t let them. Find a happiness that is so pure that it radiates off of you.

I found the warmth at a time when everything seemed lost, and I stopped seeing good in the world. If I could get out of that, you can do it too! Happiness is just around the corner, just keep walking and have faith!

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