Day 141: The Sickness Saga Continues #365DaysOfWriting

I really wish I had something new to write about today; but my health has still not taken a turn for the better. I hate being sick, but it especially hurts when one is sick on a weekend!

Today is a good friend’s birthday and I really wanted to meet him in the evening — unfortunately, the medicines ensured I feel drowsy the entire day, and I had to cancel last minute. I hate making plans that, at the last minute, I am not able to fulfill. Tomorrow, I have to be at a friend’s place, but judging by the state of affairs, I’ve had to take a rain-check on that as well.

I have always been a lousy patient, and I am feeling quite irritated at the moment. I can’t imagine how my whole day just vanishes — all I do is sleep, wake up, try eating (most of the food appears tasteless), chat a while, watch television but in fifteen-twenty minutes, my eyes hurt and I’m back in the land of slumber.

Let’s just hope tomorrow will be a better day. *sigh*

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