Day 149: Maha Ashtami #365DaysOfWriting

Pandal-hopping was on the cards even today. The entire day was quite a lazy one as my brother and I recuperated from last night’s shenanigans.

Ashtami is a very important day, and we were visited by many guests in the evening for the aarti at our home. Today, I went to see pandals with my dad. My father said he’s visiting pandals after almost a decade, and he was quite astounded by the crowd. Today was an especially humid day and that did not make matters easy. But, of course, the perks of going with my dad included getting VIP Entry on three locations which turned out to be such a blessing in disguise!

We saw roughly 6–7 pandals today before calling it a night. Tomorrow is Nabami — the hawan will happen at my place tomorrow evening, so all pandal visits must be completed by afternoon. So, on that note, I’ll call it an early night (by Pujo standards), and end this post here!

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