Day 171: Unrequited Love #365DaysOfWriting

Love is wonderful when it is a two-way street. When two people are in love, even the cheesiest of things seem to be the most-normal; bad days turn out to be wonderful the very moment that person appears in your thoughts; and all the sappy Bollywood romances no more are considered “filmy”. However, when that love is one-sided, when your heart falls in love with someone whose affections lie elsewhere, that wonderful sensation that caused butterflies to form in your stomach transforms into sharp painful pricks making you feel as if you got stabbed by several poisonous thorns. It isn’t a pleasant place to be in at all.

Be it The Little Mermaid who never managed to tell her Prince Charming that she was the one who’d saved his life, or Severus Snape who remained in love with Lily Potter ‘always’, we’ve all heard, appreciated and cried over tales of unrequited love. It hurts to be in love with someone who does not reciprocate your feelings. It hurts even more when you realize there isn’t anything you can do to control your feelings. No matter how hard you try, love does not come with an on-off switch that you can flip as per your wishes and fancies. You never know when you’ll get hit by love, and when it turns out to be unrequited, you keep wishing that falling out of love would be as easy as falling in love, but alas, not all wishes come true!

Not all tales of unrequited love are glorious. Some bits of unrequited love get reduced to mean and vicious bits, transforming people into monsters they’d originally want to rescue their love from. Sometimes, you end up losing that special person forever because when not being given what you demand, you end up giving up on things that you actually had and valued.

Love conquers all, if only we stop trying to customize love and packing it into boxes that are labelled as per our demands and fancies. We should be open to receiving love in whatever form it manifests in our universe. Always remember: just because someone does not love you the way you want them to, it does not mean they cannot love you the way they already do.