Day 204: To The One Who Makes Me Feel At Home #365DaysOfWriting

These days, I am busy with a workshop to such an extent that my routine is somewhat like this: I wake up early morning around 7 a.m., get ready and leave the house. The venue is not close to my place, and by the time I reach home, it is past eight o’clock. By then, I’m so drained, physically and mentally, that I am not able to spend time with the near and dear ones.

Today morning, as I am on the road, I can’t help thinking of this one person who makes me feel like home in this City of Dreams. Mumbai was never not a familiar city even when I moved here in 2010. I had friends I could count on, meet regularly , and who were always available.

As we grow up and get more engrossed in work — and this happened to me — I stopped asking these people for help. Once I started working, I thought I am no more a baby and should stop approaching them for little, little things and stop calling them to just hang out. Afterall, to be treated like an adult, you must act like one... Stupidest decision ever!

If you stop sharing the small stuff that happens everyday, how comfortable will you be calling them out of the blue to share the big stuff?

Thankfully, not all people in my space let me go through with my decision. And one of them, in particular , never gave up on me. Every time I told her, “Nothing much,” she pounced on me asking me to elaborate on the “nothing much”. Even the insignificant stuff was relevant to her.

The greatest compliment that you can give someone, in my opinion, is that they make you feel like home, and for me, over the years, she has become that home. Home is where I feel comfortable enough to just be, a place where I can shed all pretences and take off all masks and just be my true self. Home is a place where families clash but they still remain together because despite the fights, the love they have for each other and the belongingness they feel towards each other never fades away. I can tell her everything — something that I actually only discovered very recently. We have ugly fights too at times but it does not make us stop loving the other person by even a teeny tiny bit.

She has the aptitude to match my level of crazy, my level of sensitivity, my level of wisdom, and when we are together, we are an unbeatable team, a force to be reckoned with.

I don’t tell her this enough, but I am very thankful to have her in my life. She is the best! She makes my world a better, happier place, and while I wish I could spend more time with her, unfortunately, one does need to get out of home every little while, even though if I had my way, I’d be home forever.She is what made this city feel like home again, when I started losing the connection.

She is my home, and today, I want her to know just how much I adore her and how much I miss her! Hope we get to spend good, quality time together soon!