Day 207: Rant #365DaysOfWriting

Today has been quite a “happening” day, so just gathering my musings here:

  • Some people will not allow themselves to be helped even when it is freely available. I feel sorry for such beings.
  • We rarely think of doing good for people. People find it difficult to accept that selfless good deeds can be done. When it comes their way, skepticism gets in the way of happiness. (Note to Self: Do Good Anyway!)
  • Lady drivers can be extremely badass. Had an entertaining cab-ride today singing songs on the way to work!
  • No matter how bad your situation appears to be, keep calm because help is always available even when it seems highly unlikely.
  • Encouraged someone to pick a pencil and draw/write for the first time — will never forget her shining eyes as she looked in disbelief at the card she made for her husband!
  • No matter how bad or exhausting the day has been, catching up with your best friend is the best stressbuster!
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