Day 278: Let it Go #365DaysOfWriting

It’s difficult to cushion yourself when you are in the company of your dearest ones because you are so sure there is no need for doing so. This innocent, naive, trusting part of your soul is most responsible for the amount of heart-breaks you go through in life…

People who trust the most, love the most hurt you the most, and more than the hurtful act what hurts is the realisation that they’re aware of the consequences of their actions on you, and still do it any way. Sometimes it hurts to know every negative thing that you feel about yourself is mirrored in thoughts and actions of your near and dear ones, but be thankful that they don’t use it as reasons to stay away from you.

Forgive those little mistakes, forgive them. Let it go when a small bit of the past still hurts because you know you can’t change what happened, you just need to move past the hurt, because you really cannot do without them. They may cause you unintentional pain at times but they are the ones who’ll fight away deadly demons that come your way, and pick out the thorns from your path to ensure life for you is as much of a comfortable bed of roses as is possible.

Love. Forgive. Believe. Move on. That’s life…

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