Day 317: An Adventurous Start #365DaysOfWriting

Note: There has been poor internet connectivity in Rishikesh, so posting everything at one go today…

The start of my trip to Rishikesh was quite adventurous…thankfully, I was not on the receiving end. I was quite apprehensive about how the seven days were going to pan out; whether I’d like the people attending the program; how it would be etc. etc. I was in for a pleasant start when I discovered I was flying with my Facilitator and a dear friend who was on the Assist Team. I knew I had company while going to the ashram, and that was such a relief!

The Facilitator of the program was flying to Dehradun via Mumbai from Colombo. When she reached Dehradun, she found out that her luggage had been left behind in Mumbai itself! It was chaos from there! The workshop was to begin the next day, and after fighting with the authorities at the airport for their goofup, we had to prepare a backup plan — go shopping!

Shopping in a small town like Rishikesh is not at all an easy task especially when one is very particular about brands. Finding a store that sold “Lakme” products or lingerie from a decent brand like “Jockey” for instance was so difficult! To top it all, the traffic made our taxi-driver so cranky that he actually refused to let us run around, and insisted we just go back to the hotel otherwise he would just leave us on the road!! Thankfully, a cup of hot chai calmed him down, and we managed to get our work done on time…

Let’s see…if the beginning has been so adventurous, the rest of the trip is going to be fun as well!

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