Day 320: An Able Therapist #365DaysOfWriting

As a therapist, one must be responsible for their clients. A bad therapist can end up making matters so much worse than they originally are. A few weeks ago, I had a client who came to me after a series of traumatic episodes with her previous therapist…The interactions she described with the therapist really made my blood boil — I mean the therapist actually told her that she’s ugly, she’ll never find love and therefore, her goal for therapy should be to adjust to life being single. To say that to someone with an eating disorder and low self-esteem issues is CRAZY! You don’t need a professional qualification to know that, and to say such things when you are a therapist — I wonder where such people get their degree from…

Today, during one of the NLP Coaching programs, I had a horrible experience when I posed as a client. The NLP Coach actually made me believe that I am unlovable, and totally undeserving of love, and towards the end of the session, I was one emotional wreck! Thanks to two of my friends, I became better, but I could not believe how some people take things so lightly!

Dinner was good tonight as we’ve discovered a nice place close to the ashram. Ending it here for the night!

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