Day 323: Friendships (Part 2) #365DaysOfWriting

Another beautiful soul I have connected with in Rishikesh is Aaron. Every time I see him, I feel like I am in the presence of a Spiritual Guide or Master. He is just so amazing, so sensitive, and just so wonderful! I have never felt this connected to someone in a long, long time…

We are very different from each other, yet have quite a bit in common. I remember the first time we met — it was when I was looking for company to go outside and eat good food (as I mentioned before, food at the ashram was bad) and he was the one who did not back out in the end.

Dinner was fun but the conversations that followed post dinner were even more satisfying. Sitting on the Ganga Ghat discussing the future, dreams, aspirations and bonding over food and music — everything was just perfect! He lives in Pune and I am in Mumbai — we’ve promised to meet at least once a month and stay in touch!

Looking forward to forming more such soul-connects as the days progress…

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