Day 325: Tears #365DaysOfWriting

Today was my last day in Rishikesh, and I cannot tell you the amount I’ve cried while leaving from there. Leaving behind one of the best friends I’ve made was so painful! I felt like I was leaving behind a part of my soul…I cried throughout the flight journey from Dehradun to Delhi and then I cried some more while flying from Delhi to Bombay….

I never shed a single tear when leaving school, college, or any of my jobs despite the many connections I’d formed with people there…but this was a first for me! Seeing the people also tear up as I said bye to them — it felt as if my heart was getting ripped!

The only silver lining to the experience is that this very Saturday am meeting one of my dear friends again in Pune…at least something to look forward to…Adios! Thanks for reading!

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