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I sit in the rancid dark as the sole light grows dimmer,

They said it’s only for a little while as the chaos slowly calms,

But since that day, everyday, the bleakest of hopes seem even grimmer

I touch my face to find it burning, but the heat is only from my palms.

The jailer makes his round everyday, brandishing his disciplinary cane,

I shiver and shudder to the sounds of bones breaking two cells away,

The residents tell me he killed himself before the jailer touched him, yet not in vain

I abandon all hope; this is the horror of a prison where I stay. …

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Mumbai throbbed and pulsated like a giant beating heart at night. Its roads were the innumerable capillaries coursing through its interior, carrying the life-blood that kept it alive; the people. The people carried on with their lives in this great thriving organ, almost now a part of it. They kept it alive and pumping, traversing from its one part to the other, or taking the aorta highways to leave it. But even when they left it, they always came back. There was no heart without its blood; Mumbai was nothing without its people.

Under the cloudy night sky of seaside landscape, was another sky, dotted by millions of tiny lights. These lights came from the streets, where the bustling traffic jammed and honked into the returning hours of the night. The rows of cars were one after the other, each of them holding impatient people, all of whom had somewhere to go. These were known as the middle class; how much they ate depended on how much they worked. …

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In the beginning, gods ruled the cosmos. These gods were gigantic, eternal titans who looked over the nothingness in the horizon and created a universe out of it, galaxy by galaxy. This stellar creation went on for aeons until one god intervened. His name was VV’ HYET. His rebellion against the gods for the throne reached the brink of cosmic destruction when the gods stopped him, stomped the rebellion and chained him up for his sentence. His punishment was to be crushed into minute, insignificant pieces and buried in the deepest crevices of a planet called Earth. …


Divyansh Dubey

Avid reader and writer, to know is to live.

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