A Girl’s Solitude!

From the day she steps out from her comfort zone, monsters are ready to grab her. The weeps and cries of this little girl remain unheard in the sarcastic laughters of monsters! The splendiferous moments of her life comes to a standstill when she leaves her parents hand and step out to discover her world.

Devils spy her at all the nooks and corners. Their hunger gets unleashed like a raging storm, at the moment her solitude gets unveiled. The poignant feelings come in the form of lust,rape and murder. Nevertheless these monsters get questioned. The girl’s incapability has become the vociferous weapon for monsters to culminate their evilness. With gangs and group they empower themselves and the girl remains in solitary confinement.

Feeling really concerned over the numerous girls in India who become helpless victims of rape and murder. Neither the judiciary nor the people can sentence them to life term imprisonment or any other gruesome punishment. Looking forward for a day when this heinous act of crime come to a standstill.

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