The Perfect Trio!

A cup of coffee with your favourite book on a chilly drizzling evening -What else can sum up to a perfect combination than this!!

Nothing can be so entangling as a hectic day of work schedule which has become a monotonous routine for many of us. Amidst all the creepy coding and household activities, nature brings unexpected moments to cherish. It’s then you feel the realm of happiness and relaxation, forgetting all your daily chaos. A cup of coffee, poignantly arousing your emotions as you sit in the patio skimming through the pages of your favourite book and watching tiny drizzles dancing in the gentle breeze.

Your memories get drifted to your childhood days, when you laughed and smiled with all your heart..The heart of an innocent child which had no place for worries and tensions,when the world remained much better place to live in! A wish that’s too immaterial remains unfulfilled in the present day world — to laugh and smile like a three year old child when the drizzles touch his/her face !!

Experience and enjoy little moments of your life: Read your favorite book over and again, dance in the rain, smile and laugh like an innocent child. Once in a while,watch the children around you, spend time with them and recall your childhood memories. Shift from your cumbersome life to an exciting and fun-filled one. Life can’t be more happier than exploring the child within you.!

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