Dizzy Roadmap 2.0


Building the Dizzy world and IP (Intellectual Property) is at the forefront of everything we do. The Dizzy Demons collection is the biggest step we‘ve taken since launching Dizzy Dragons in regards to IP development, world expansion and overall proof of potential of what we’re creating.

Dizzy Demons is an NFT collection of 5,000 Demons that expands the Dizzy Lore by introducing the first Dizzy antagonists, the Dizzy Demons, led by the villainous Deumos. The collection is comprised of 3 tiers of Demons; Minions, Brawlers and Commanders, and the Dizzy Heroes, a cast of principal characters who will play a key role in the Dizzy storyline.

Dizzy Demons were designed by character designer and world builder extraordinaire Buck Lewis (Ratatouille, Cars, Kung Fu Panda). He was tasked with designing the Demon Minion, Brawler, and the 9 Commanders, all of which exceeded our wildest expectations.


First Dizzy Merch Drop. Designs will feature the main Dizzy Logo and more.


The Dizzy Den and surrounding areas are currently under construction! Soon Dizzy holders will be able to explore all the den has to offer including the Lounge, Concert Hall, Sports Complex, Library, Laboratory, and more.

Demon’s Cavern- Dizzy Demon owners will gain access and play an active role in the development of this Demon centric section of the Dizzy world. Demon holders will have voting rights towards specific build proposals.

  • The Dizzy Den will be built on our 3x3 Sandbox Estate that is directly connected with an Atari Estate of the same size. The Dizzy Dragons Estate can be seen HERE.
  • We are collaborating with Landvault on the build to bring this to life in the most dynamic and immersive way. (Website , Twitter)
  • We are collaborating with Voxel Gav on voxel avatars and assets for Dizzy Dragons, Dizzy Demons and more.


Community Lore Submissions will be selected monthly from the Dragon Tales section of the Dizzy Dragons Discord to be turned into an original piece of art. We will work with artists on each piece to bring them to life in a way best suited for the selected stories.


Lore Development focused around the ‘Dizzy Heroes’: Medraut Goldenscale, Professor Redwing, Dr. Lyudmila Heart, Vidkum Dra and Deumos.

We are exploring several art / animation styles for these and will look for the community’s involvement throughout.


In addition to our ambitious metaverse plans, we will be developing a 2D video game as well. The style, format, and other key developmental decisions will be made by the Dizzy Community.


Send your Dizzy’s on a Quest and earn Dizzy Tokens.

  • Both Dragons and Demons are eligible for Quests.
  • The longer the Quest requires to complete, the higher the token reward multiplier.
  • There will be no cap on how many Dizzys you may send on Quests at a time.


Dizzy Dragons will be appearing alongside characters from notable NFT collections in stories and various types of media. We believe this sort of connecting of worlds and communities will be key in the long term development of Dizzy Dragons and others alike.

Partnership with Galaxy Fight Club — Dizzy Dragons and Demons will be featured as playable characters in game.

Drops will be special — whether they are created in house or with the help of our Dizzy friends. See past drops here.

Upcoming collaborations with Chris B Murray and his Famalam and more!


Our goal is to continue to build a community that is engaging and provide as much value to our community members as we can .We will be restructuring the Dizzy Dragons Discord, as well as preparing scheduled programming to take place throughout each month.

As we aim to make our engagement more meaningful, we’ll be re-structuring our roles by adding more targeted roles that members may opt-in to be pinged for specific content categories in line with features we plan to introduce to the Discord, as well as removing some roles as necessary.

We look forward to having more frequent events, contests and special guests in the months to come.

This is some of what we have planned, though by no means all that we have planned. We will always do our best to deliver on all that we promise and more. We can’t wait to bring these plans to fruition with our community and to continue to build Dizzy Dragons into the household name we know it can be. The future is bright. The future is Dizzy.

Stay Dizzy.




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