Search teams deployed for missing Malaysian flight MH370 deep in the Cambodian jungle; 54 million dollar reward at stake

An amateur Russian investigator going by the twitter handle ivanpanther tweeted ”Found Yandex map MH370” early Sunday morning. The picture posted clearly shows a plane crashed deep in the Cambodian jungle with a red flare at the back end of the airliner.

The crash site was discovered a mere 11 miles away from where an Ian Wilson spotted plane wreckage of an aircraft 60 miles west of Cambodia capital, Phmom Penh.

British national Ian Wilson claims he spent hours searching on Google maps to find the missing airliner and is convinced this discovery is indeed MH370. A more simple explanation is the image of the airliner photographed seen on Google maps was just an aircraft flying at low altitude at the time satellites snapped pictures.

Nevertheless, this new find has definitely reignited the search for doomed flight MH370 as there is currently a 70 million dollar reward at stake for the discovery of the wreckage. Search teams have been deployed from multiple US and Chinese companies to corroborate these claims and collect the reward.

This story is still developing and will be updated as needed.