2017 Scene-Writing Challenge: Day 21
Scott Myers



ROGER and DIANE (50s) on the road in a neat Toyota. Roger, beige-coloured jacket, is driving. Diana, hands folded in her lap, is looking out into the prairie.

DIANE:… by the way, that was really impressive how you talked him out of his price. Well, just under thirty minutes for fifteen dollars saved, but still…

ROGER: A penny saved is a penny earned. Benjamin Franklin used to say that, too.

DIANE (sarcastic): Next stop history books?

ROGER (checking rearview): Oh no!

DIANE: Don’t be so modest, Roger. Sky’s the limit.

ROGER: Police … I might have been a tad…

DIANE: Oh my god, that’s my first time-

Roger pulls over. The police car stops. Roger opens the window and takes a deep breath.

ROGER: Let me do the talking.

A female OFFICER arrives at his side.

ROGER: Good morning. I’m sorry officer, I probably was a tad too fast, right?

OFFICER: 20 miles per hour too fast. Licence and registration?

ROGER: I’m really sorry. We’re here for the first time, and..um..fell in love with Harksville right away.

DIANE: Clarksville, yes, that’s true officer. We attended the charity bazar. Such a great idea!

ROGER: We’re actually so pumped, we want to go home and spread the word among our friends as soon as possible. Probably got a tad too excited.

OFFICER:: You’re right, sir. This is a good community. We still honor values. We still watch out for each other.

ROGER: Absolutely.

He takes an upright position, gripping the steering wheel and looking straight ahead. He has all the intentions to be a good driving citizen, from now on.

Since the officer somehow doesn’t move, he has a quick glance at her.

She clears her throat. He slowly understands, that she’s still waiting for his papers. He looks straight at her smiling shyly.

ROGER: Absolutely, officer. Diane, would you mind…

Without turning his friendly face away from the officer, he points towards the glove compartment.

Then an sudden inspiration. He turns and grabs the little horse sculpture from the glove compartement, where Diane is searching for the documents. He waves with it.

ROGER (CONT’D): Here. From the bazar. Proud horse, steep price…twenty bucks, but for charity — a no-brainer.

OFFICER:: I recognize that. My nephew wanted to sell it, for thirty-five dollars.

Diane stifles a giggle.

ROGER (shrugs): Well, he had fun dickering a bit, so who am I… Good kid, adjusts quickly-

OFFICER:: He’s challenged, sir. We don’t like people to take advantage of him.

Roger’s face goes like ‘Are you kidding me?’ He tries to recall their half hour of dealing.

DIANA: Oh, if we just knew, officer! Roger, we will turn immediately, right? Maybe -

MAN (grumpy): Give me the documents already.

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